Flexibility for Your Business

The EvoCharge Network lets you grow on your own terms, meeting your EV charging needs now and into the future with flexible management software. No costly up-front network purchase requirements, with the ability to add network services when you need them.

Scalable Solutions

As demand for EV charging increases, easily add chargers to your management software network plan. Upgrade or downgrade subscription levels at any time to meet your business needs

Access Made Easy

Eliminate unauthorized charging and provide easy access to your stations. EvoCharge uses simple setup and management of access control via user account emails or adjustable user codes, allowing complete customization of who is charging their EV from your network software.

Reliability & Uptime

Site owners get 24-hour access to monitor their stations in real-time from the online web portal. Instantly be alerted to potential problems or offline chargers and resolve issues quickly. Maintain uptime while improving customer and tenant satisfaction.

Simplify Your EV Charging Management

The EvoCharge Network provides a cost-effective way for businesses, such as hotels, apartment complexes, condominiums, property management, offices, fleets, and more, to easily manage electric vehicle (EV) charging stations through our cloud-based software. Site owners get access to all the necessary monitoring and reporting for their EvoCharge Level 2 Charging stations.

EvoCharge Network Solutions


  • Easily scale ports as charging demand changes
  • Improve uptime with real-time monitoring
  • Tiered plan options that match your business needs
  • Simplify setup with integrated technician portal

Data When You Need It

Station owners get easy access to manage and monitor their chargers remotely with the online web portal. Improve station uptime, overall reliability, and customer satisfaction with 24 hour access.


The outside of a white apartment building that has glass balconies with black trim

Multi-Unit Housing

Attract and retain tenants at your properties while providing income-producing opportunities.

  • Simple monitoring & management
  • Flexible user access
  • Optional payment processing
A large glass building with a brick bottom and white and black trim


Keep employees happy with convenient EV charging where they spend most of their day parked.

  • Provide as an amenity or pay-per-use
  • Usage reporting & site management
  • Promote sustainability initiatives


Cater to EV drivers and improve guest satisfaction with EV charging amenities at your properties.

  • Use codes for easy guest access
  • Differentiate from competing hotels
  • Increase bookings from EV drivers
  • Guests can fully charge during their stay

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