Moveable Charging

Up to 50kW of rapid EV charging in a compact moveable platform. The ideal solution for DC fast charging with a lower upfront investment cost and a flexible non-permanent installation. Quickly charge any electric vehicle class with a CCS1 charging plug.

Modular Scalability

As the demand for DC Fast charging increases over time, the EvoCharge power stations easily expand to meet your charging needs. Reduce overall costs upfront with the modular power cabinets and the ability to increase the number of ports & power.

Dynamic Power Sharing

Maximize the power output for all available charging ports with support for 400v and 800v EV architecture. Power is adjusted in real-time in increments of 25 kW, providing faster charging for all vehicles and improving the customer charging experience.

Long-Term Reliability

Improve uptime and reliability with EvoCharge’s DC Fast Charger created to provide the fastest EV charging easily. With real-time status and notifications on charger health available for owners, you’ll never be surprised. EvoCharge chargers are built for longevity, with durable components and construction for reliable operation. All DC Fast charging stations come with a yearly maintenance and monitoring plan.

Charging That Scales with Your Business

Customizable charging solutions to meet the needs of your properties. Integration with Level 2 Chargers can provide a complete integrated network to optimize cost of ownership. 

Power Stations & Cabinet

Remote power stations are connected to our modular power cabinets for fully scalable installation, so you can add stations with your available power supply.

  • Up to 280 kW of power per port
  • Scalable cabinets up to 600 kW
  • Supports 400V & 800V EV architectures

Integrated Power Station

An all-in-one DC Fast charger. Save space with the combined Power Cabinet and Power Station in a reduced footprint.

  • Up to 400 kW of charging power
  • Single or double power cabinets
  • Maximum of 4 charge ports with additional power station

Mobile DC Charger

Provide DC Fast charging within a movable platform and without the need for a dedicated installation site.

  • Powered by 480V power cable
  • Up to 50kW of power per port
  • CCS1 connector type

EvoCharge Network

Seamlessly integrate with the EvoCharge network cloud-based software solution. Designed with the owner in mind, you get real-time metrics and monitoring to improve uptime and reliability.  

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Fast and frequent charging for businesses that need to keep moving. Automotive, medium- and heavy-duty applications.

  • Supports 400V & 800V charging
  • Easy monitoring for uptime
  • Promotes sustainability initiatives


Provide convenient access to fast charging. Intelligently balance power as the demand for charging increases.

  • Payment options to recoup costs
  • Add ports as demand grows
  • Attract visitors to public locations


Become a destination known for fast charging and attracts new customers as demand for EV charging grows.

  • Add a passive revenue stream
  • Attract drivers of electric vehicles
  • Easily scale as needed


Offer convenient fast charging as an amenity for your customers with our fixed power stations or mobile DC charger.

  • Improve customer service
  • Attract electric vehicle shoppers
  • Customizable for your needs


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