Choosing The Right Commercial Charging Solution

Every year, more and more EVs take the roads, and it’s critical to have the right infrastructure in place to serve drivers’ needs. Are you ready to show your organization’s commitment to convenience and help provide a more sustainable future? EvoCharge has a range of feature-rich, scalable charging solutions that can serve your property or business now and well into the future.

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Multi-Family Housing

Provide an amenity or earn passive income from EV charging.

Auto Fleets

Improve uptime and get charging for your fleet with multiple connectivity options.


Offer reliable EV charging to your staff and guests.


Attract students, faculty and staff who drive EVs with safe, clean charging solutions.

Local Governments

Show your city or town’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Hospitals and Clinics

Get chargers that are safe, flexible, and integrated with local load management.

Parking Lots

Easily manage multiple stations while attracting a growing segment of drivers.


Support sustainability and new technology while offering a convenient amenity.

An EvoCharge charger in the forefront with a man charging his car in the background

Fast, Convenient Charging

The need for EV charging is growing at a rapid pace. With charging stations from EvoCharge, take advantage of true Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) or use the EvoCharge network. With three levels of connectivity, our chargers are easy to use, feature a compact design, and we have a range of solutions to help with cable management to ensure your setup fits your exact needs.

EV Charging Management Made Simple

Using the EvoCharge Network is an easy way for organizations to manage their EvoCharge charging stations 24/7 with cloud-based software. Businesses get access to all the necessary monitoring and reporting for their charging stations, improving uptime and reliability for their customers.

Charging Levels From EvoCharge

An EvoCharge charging station with charger and reel

Level 2 Charging

Great for those who need simple & reliable charging up to 80 amps, EvoCharge has a suite of Level 2 chargers that are loaded with features and simple to hardwire. Each charger is rated for indoor or outdoor use and comes with optional charging cable lengths.

Level 3 Charging

Level 3 charging provides powerful and fast charging speeds up to 280kW, ensuring drivers are able to get the charge they need in a hurry. These customizable chargers are scalable with a modular design, making them easy to manage and meet your future charging needs.

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