Commercial EvoCharge Cable Management Kit

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Upgrade your EV charging area with the EvoCharge Cable Management Kit for commercial properties. Route your cable along a ceiling or wall to be in proximity to your car port’s charging area. Keeping cables off the ground extends product life and keeps your charging area clean, safe, and organized.

Product Features

  • Channel clips secure the charging cable along wall or ceiling
  • The tension clamp holds the cable from the ceiling providing support of the cable and charging handle
  • The coil clip will loop the extra cable, keeping your cable off the floor and out of the way when not in use
  • Compatible with all EvoCharge charging cables, and many other level 2 charging cables. See specifications below
  • EV charger cable management kits are proudly made in the USA

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Product Kit Details

  • Includes: 8 cable clips, 1 tension clamp, 1 coil clip, mounting hardware
  • Channel clips: 3.15”L x 1.38”W x 1.08”H (80mm x 35mm x 27.5mm)
  • Coil clip: 2.3”L x 1.05”W x 3.68”H (58.5mm x 26.75mm x 93.5mm)
  • Product Weight: 0.86lbs

Everyday Charging Made Easier

The EvoCharge Cable Management Kit is designed to simplify daily EV charging experiences. By mounting the cable along the wall or ceiling of your garage, you maintain a safe, clean, and organized charging area. Say goodbye to winding and unwinding your cable.

Simple Installation

The EV charger cable management kit comes with 8 clips that mount to the wall or ceiling. With the easy step-by-step guide and included hardware kit, you can quickly place the cable where you want it. Once clips are mounted, simply place the cable within the clip and rotate it to secure against the tabs.

For ceiling mount, you will need to use the included tension clamp and coil clip. For secure installation, the tension clamp should be installed to a ceiling joist. This provides the proper support for your charging cable. The coil clip easily holds the cable out of the way when not in use.

EV Charger Cable Management Kit Features

Can be installed on the wall or ceiling

Works with most charging stations

Improves safety while charging

Designed for convenient charging

Find the Best Match

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Additional Information

Compatible With Most Charging Cables

The EvoCharge cable management kit was designed to fit most EV charging cables and is fully compatible with all EvoCharge charging stations. Review the specifications above to confirm fitment to your specific charging cable.

Perfect Upgrade Accessory

This EV charger cable management kit is a cost-effective way to upgrade your overall charging experience. Easily install with your EvoCharge charging station or use with an existing EV charger at your commercial property.

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